Takeda has an ongoing commitment to ensuring that the contents on this website is accessible to the widest range of visitors, regardless of ability.
We have worked to increase website accessibility in accordance with our guidelines, using leading web technology. We aim to ensure that our website is easy to use where all visitors can access the necessary information. Measures to Implement the Guidelines. Therefore the website is also optimized for use across devices - laptop, tablet and smartphones.

Consistent navigation is used throughout our website, ensuring the users to easily navigate and orient themselves within web pages.

Text Size
The modern browsers we support (Internet Explorer 8-11) feature built-in accessibility tools, which include zoom and text-resizing capabilities.
You can change the text size or adjust the page zoom in your browser by following these instructions:

• PC / other browsers
Increase page zoom: Hold down the CTRL key and press +
Decrease page zoom: Hold down the CTRL key and press -

• Mac / all browsers
Increase page zoom: Hold down the Command key and press +
Decrease page zoom: Hold down the Command key and press -

Link text
When the user hovers over a linked text, the link is emphasized with underline or reversed color. In addition, the following link icons are deployed in harmony with the overall web design to further improve usability.

Alternative text for images
Supplementary information is provided in text to help understand the images, with the use of captions and alternative texts. Such text information may vary in color, size and location, depending on the visibility. The use of alternative text is also determined in due consideration of the text-to-speech service, appearing only where necessary. Alternative text is not associated with images unsuitable to be described with text, such as charts, in order to avoid confusion.

Color contrast
Sufficient color contrast between the text and background is provided to maintain readability.
Compatible devices
Our logical page structure, based on adequate HTML markup, allows our users to access and acquire information from both laptop and smartphone devices.
Takeda aims to further enhance accessibility within our website, continuously improving and redesigning the pages to satisfy all our users.

Effective Date This Accessability Policy is effective from 01.06.2014